Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center welcomes the Jewish New Year 5778

As the Jewish community celebrates the start of the Jewish New Year,   Jews around the world welcomed Rosh Hashanah signaling a new beginning for the new year during the High Holy Days. Now, in the midst of the solemn, soul-searching days of repentance and atonement, Kol Nidre will begin Friday evening with the fasting which continues through Yom Kippur, ending at sundown Saturday evening. The joyous holiday of Succot follows, celebrating the harvest, and then comes Simchat Torah, a day to honor the Torah, containing guidelines of the faith.

Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center’s spiritual leader, Rabbi Jonathan Berkun has spent months of preparation to ensure meaningful and inspiring High Holy day services.  Rabbi Berkun devotes much of his time to creating relevant and motivating sermons for the Shabbat and holiday services throughout the period known as the Days of Awe.  Working closely with their new Rabbi Guido Cohen, Cantor David Muchnick and the professional choir, beautiful melodies and liturgy are intertwined with the traditional prayers and services. The focus of Rosh Hashanah is praying for a “sweet” new year, one of health and happiness. That is why apples and honey are the symbolic foods of this holiday. Simultaneously, this time is also one of repentance, when the Jewish people enter into soul-searching, admit to sins and ask for forgiveness.  Because this period is also the time when the fate of each human being is supposed to be determined, prayers are said so one may once again be written into the Book of Life.


At a time when preparations are underway for a new start, it is also a time to look back and appreciate the religion’s priceless heritage, culture and traditions.   Almost 30 years ago, Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center’s Founding Fathers realized the need to preserve their heritage and began the process of building a Jewish community center in the city of Aventura, to provide a house of worship, house of learning and house of assembly. Today, the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center is one of South Florida’s largest and most respected Conservative synagogues, and extends a hearty “L’Shana Tova” to one and all.


For more information about membership, the purchase of High Holiday tickets and the schedule of services and events, please visit atjc.org or call the synagogue office at (305) 937-1880.